Meet the Maker

Lindsay Piper Potter-Figueiredo, designer and maker of Piper + Fig, is originally from Jackson, MS, and grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. A lover of art, art history + curating, she finds time to engage with all of her passions. In 2018,  she moved back to the US, after she spent a year in Scotland for graduate school. After Scotland, she roamed around Lisbon, Portugal for nearly a year. Her "past life" is often reflected in her current work. She brings a bit of culture and a fresh, earthy, minimalistic look to her collections.


She began making tire inner tube jewelry a decade ago--feeling uneasy about consuming so many materials and seeing all of the waste that was produced. On a cross-country road trip, Lindsay saw a pair of tire inner tube earrings, and it was love at first sight. She knew that the reuse and upcycling of materials was a method she could stand for. Having always been a “trash to treasure” artist and art educator; she will use whatever she can find in the craft closet and manipulate it into something else. So, the tire inner tube just made sense. Thus, her sustainable art venture began.



"I am inspired by nature and organic forms. I love the act of cutting and forming the tire inner tube into shapes that mimic the beauty of the world around us."

tire inner brass.png